I'm Cassandra, an artist & designer living in the deep heart of England with my two boys and husband. 


I'm a nostalgic soul, always with a needle or a pencil in my hand and a story in my head. Deeply influenced by literature, fairytales and the magic of nature, I create work with a nostalgic dreamlike feel. Detail is central to my work and I love to layer meaning within each design, and always with a story to tell. I hope my work brings some magic and joy to all.

Whether I am working in pencil, paint, thread or digitally the drawing is the key and my favourite part of the process.

My family have always joked that I was born in the wrong era as I have always collected vintage clothing, books, fabric, ceramics (you get the idea) and I adore period dramas. I am drawn to the fragile beauty of these precious items and the memories they hold. This love of the slower pace of life in the past was what attracted me to hand stitching in the first place. It gives me a way to feel connected to the experiences of those women who came before me and I believe it is a wonderful way to provide calm and allows the mind to rest. My dream is for others to use the designs I create to pursue their own creative journeys and make heirlooms their ancestors will treasure.

We live in a house full of love, books, old beautiful things and lots and lots of fabric! If you are interested in learning more about my creative journey; please visit my blog